What Payment methods do you accept?
All major Credit Cards and Nochex.  You can also send a UK Cheque or Money order payable in UK Sterling, Or at your own risk you can send UK Cash, Ensuring you clearly state your full name, address and the name of the item you wish to order.

How long does delivery take?
All orders are dispatched within 24 hours, so if you live in the UK you should receive your Games Archive Collection within 3 days. If you live in Europe, you should receive in about 5 days, and USA, Canada, Australia, Japan etc should take around 10-14 days.

I'd like to become a dealer and sell this item, how is this possible?
If you sell on ebay or have your own website you can sell this item. The item will be dispatched direct to your customer.  See for more information.

Is there any Installation onto my Harddisk required?
Nearly all of the games will run direct from the CD, whilst a very small percentage will need to be installed on your harddisk...

Are all the games full games?
Nearly every game featured is a direct dump of the original full release arcade game supplied on easy to use DVD-R discs.

Will the games work in my Country?
All games and Emulators will work in ANY Country, ANYWHERE around the world... There are NO issues with PAL or NTSC... Guaranteed!

Do you accept Trade/Wholesale Orders
We sure do... CLICK HERE

Are other classic Gaming CD's available?
They sure are.... check out  for a vast range of emulation CD-ROM's including PC-ENGINE, SPECTRUM, AMIGA and many more.

Can I use these Amiga games on a "real" Amiga?
You sure can... Either direct from an Amiga DVD-R drive or by transfering the game files back onto "real" Amiga floppy disks... Full details are available HERE.

Artwork may differ

Artwork may differ