The easiest and most cost-effective way of networking your Amiga to your PC.

This AMIGA TO PC NETWORK / LINKUP is a professional, easy to use networking package for the Amiga & PC.

Zip, CD-ROM, Jazz and any other drives, even Network Drives are accessible straight from Workbench, Directory Opus or any other application you run from Workbench, its easy with the Amiga to PC Linkup.

Setup is extremely simple- pretty much just a double-click of the mouse button on each computer. Your Amiga simply thinks it has X amount of drives connected and has full access to all drives connected to the PC. Superb for transferring virtually any file to or from a PC.


With the Ami-PC Linkup you can Transfer back across to a "real" Amiga any .ADF files and easily convert them back into "real" Amiga disks, using the software provided.



The Ami-PC linkup comes supplied with a 2-3 metre specially made parallel cable and the disks for your Amiga and PC, plus easy to follow instructions.

The Amiga software can be run from a disk drive or installed to your hard drive, a piece of software for transferring files is included, but because this is a workbench application it is just as easy to drag and drop files, and you can also operate it through the shell if you prefer this method.


The PC acts as slave machine, the Amiga can read and write to the PC drives so it is not necessary to access the Amiga from the PC. You cannot only transfer files between the two machines, but also load files directly into you Amiga programs from the PC, for instance load images from the PC directly into Deluxe Paint 5.

Use a PC partition / drive or drawer as extra storage space for your Amiga, or even install programs to it if you do not have a hard drive on the Amiga. With Windows 95/98/me/2000 on the PC all the file names are maintained and the system will just work as a background task.